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Spyderlock off road wheel present unique insight in bead locks for the rock crawling and racing community, it is an advanced bead lock to dominate the ever escalating level of recreational and professional off road sport. Spyderlock bead locks have many innovative elements that insure it's place as the premier rock crawling/racing inspired wheel.  

Check out the Falken Tire Jeeps off roading in Moab, Utah during Easter Jeep Safari outfitted with Spyderlock beadlock wheels

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Summer Savings are heating up...

Get your hands on a set of Spyderlock Wheels with the best deal of the year!


Spyderlock beadlock Wheel is excited to announce the debut of our 17" wheels in a black finish option!  You can now purchase your Spyderlocks in a black painted finish with a silver ring, available in the following sizes at a cost of $520.00 per wheel:

17" 5on5 & 17" 8on6.5

Custom Pattern Machining:

Have a race buggy, Range Rover, or other non mainstream  off road machine? Many lug patterns are available as Spyderlock offers custom machining to accommodate your unique vehicle!


Check in with Spyderlock Wheels on social media! and @spyderlockwheels on Instagram

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