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The ATX Beadlock Wheel is fundamentally a Spyderlock Beadlock Wheel with one major design change, and in regard to the Chamber Pro an aesthetic style difference. The ATX series omits the anti-deflection webbing on the beadlock clamping ring. This webbing eliminates any deflection and uneven stress load on the mounting bolts. This engineered characteristic is unique to the Spyderlock beadlock only, wheel industry wide . However, if total hardcore performance is not the goal the ATX is a superior choice for extreme toughness in contrast to rest of the market. Also the ATX series is only available in 17", if you need a 15",18" or 20"(17"also available)then the traditional Spyderlock is your beadlock.

17x9.5, 5 LUG 5x4.5"               17x9.5, 5 LUG 5on5"           
17x9.5, 5 LUG 5x5.5"                17x9.5, 6 LUG 5.5"                 
17x9.5, 8 LUG 8x6.5"                      


Mounting & Balancing:

Spyderlock Wheel can mount and balance your order when you get a wheel and tire combination package with Falken or Nitto Tires!

$45.00 per tire & wheel combination

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