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Question: Will my Spyderlock bead lock wheels balance, I have heard that bead locks wheels in general won't balance?

Answer: Yes, Spyderlock bead locks will balance for a comfortable on road ride. This reputation for bead lock wheels to wobble or hop on the highway is not true for all bead locks. The Spyderlock is molded, crafted and manufactured as a bead lock wheel from the beginning, termed as a "born bead lock". You will find a short list of premium bead lock wheels in the off road industry that are produced in this manner, and can be properly balanced. Additionally you will discover the characteristics of balancing a Spyderlock wheel to be much the same as balancing any high quality non-bead lock wheel. In that the wheel itself has very minor to zero manufacturing anomalies that require additional counter weight. Most of the balancing necessity comes from the tire.

QUESTION: Can I purchase Spyderlocks direct from Spyderlock Wheels?

ANSWER: Yes, Spyderlock Wheels are the house brand bead lock wheel.  However, we work with a few select dealers. Please check the "Dealer tab" for current information if you wish to order in your area.

** Image displayed is not the actual store front of Spyderlock Wheels  

** Stick on weights or internal bead balancing is required for the Spyderlock as pound on weights can not be applied to the outer bead lock ring or the inner bead. The inner bead is thicker and reinforced beyond the specifications of a standard wheel, and will not accept a traditional pound on weight.          

QUESTION: What should I torque my Spyder lock bead lock rings to?

ANSWER:  25 lbs. is the recommended torque specification for the clamping ring. More torque may be required for tires with thicker beads. 25 lbs. should always be your baseline, and then tire and wheel should be checked for a good even seal. If more torque is required, you should NOT exceed 35 lbs.  

** Blue lock-tite is always recommended on bead lock ring mounting hardware
** 25 lbs torque is in reference to the clamping ring, NOT the lug nuts for mounting the wheel
** Over torquing the bead lock clamping ring will fatigue mounting hardware and may cause a failure 
** Final torque should always be checked by hand, and not with an air or electric impact tool

QUESTION: I have one ton hubs that need a 4.25" bore to clear the hub, will Spyderlocks fit over my hubs? 

ANSWER: Yes. This is a common problem with many after market wheels. For example a traditional 5 on 5.5" aluminum wheel would not come with a one ton hub clearance. As there was never a factory one ton application with that wheel pattern. Many wheels must require additional machine work and cost applied to them to make clearance for the large hub applications, or hub conversions. Spyderlock beadlocks do not require any additional modification. As they do have a 4.25" hub bore right from our factory.

QUESTION: Is the 3.5" backspacing the only one available, and why?

ANSWER: The 3.5" back spacing is the only option. The Spyderlock is a brawny hard core wheel, where off road performance is it's primary function. The backspacing is to accommodate modified suspensions without rubbing during articulation and hard turning, with the added advantage of stability. Most factory and after market aluminum wheels have a 4.25" to 5" backspacing which require the additional use of wheel spacers to effectively work in concert with wider tires and enhanced off road suspensions. Vehicles utilizing Spyderlock wheels usually do not require spacers.

QUESTION: Does the Spyderlock come in a polished finish? If not, what is the finish?

ANSWER: The bead lock is not available from Spyderlock in a polished finish. However, being an aluminum wheel they can be polished. This would need to be arranged after you receive your wheels. 

Spyderlock bead locks come in a machined finish with a  very thin clear coat on the wheel.  The ring is billet aluminum with no clear coat.  The machine finish allows for easy clean up and is an excellent platform for a powder coat or paint finish.  If you are interested in powder coating or painting your wheels, we can offer advice on the best method to pursue . 

QUESTION:  If I damage or scratch up my outer rings, can I get new ones?

ANSWER:  Yes, new rings are available individually for all sizes 15", 17" 18" and 20". Go to wheel components to find information and pricing on separate replacement rings. Although we have yet to see anyone be able to damage a 3/4" billet outer clamping ring to a level where it did not still function. But if you want a fresh look we do suggest sanding them down a few mils to knock off the rough edges or contact us for a new one.

 QUESTION: I spend most of my time off roading in the mud, do Spyderlocks retain mud due to the bead lock ring?

ANSWER:  A common misconception is that the anti-deflection webbing on the clamping ring captures large amounts of mud inside the wheel. The ridge of the ring is only raised 5/8" above the foundation of the rim shell. The ring will retain more mud than a standard non-bead lock wheel, no doubt. And there are bead locks on the market that have thinner rings that would allow mud to escape more easily, although this type of ring does not share the same design advantages as the Spyderlock wheel.  In conclusion yes they will retain some debris, however it can be removed at your local car wash or at home with a spray nozzle with the normal effort that it takes to clean your machine after a day in the muck.  

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