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Spyderlock Beadlock Wheels can be ordered with a powder coat finish option in satin black.  

We are able to offer other color options, available through Cardinal Paint.  Please call us 

directly to discuss these options and any additional fee's that might apply.  The powder coat 

finish is optional as the beadlock already comes with a machine finish garnishing the wheels aluminum construction and the ring's billet aluminum construction.  To complete the powder 

coat process, we first sand blast the Spyderlock to promote a positive adhesion, then apply the powder coat finish.  When you choose the option of powder coating your Spyderlock, you 

can choose to coat either just the ring or just the wheel and leave the other piece in it's 

natural machined finish.

Please allow 10 to 14 days for completion prior to shipping as we do not pre-powder coat

wheel sets.  Powder coating carries a warranty for 1 year under normal usage, not to be 

covered for rock rash.  Please call for any additional information or questions.  


Satin Black 50% Gloss......... $90.00 per wheel

Satin Black 50% Gloss......... $40.00 per ring


Spyderlock Beadlock Wheel is excited to announce the debut of our 17" wheels in a black finish option!  You can now purchase your Spyderlocks in a black painted finish with a silver ring, available in the following sizes at a cost of $420.00 per wheel:

17" 5on5 & 17" 8on6.5

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