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Replacement outer clamping rings can be acquired for your Spyderlocks beadlocks.  Replacement may be desired if your ring is aesthetically or structurally damaged from trail usage. Rings come fully machined and functional, however do not come with new inserts or mounting bolts. These are available separately. For 17" wheel applications, rings come in a 24 or 25 bolt option. So please count your bolts before ordering to ensure your replacement ring will fit.  


15" Replacement Rings .......... $113.00 each

17" Replacement Rings .......... $132.00 each

18" Replacement Rings .......... $148.00 each

20" Replacement Rings .......... $169.00 each

Replacement inserts are available for Spyderlock beadlocks in hardened steel. All Spyderlock beadlock sizes utilize the same size insert to accommodate the 3/8" securing hardware. First generation Spyderlocks, the wheels that were produced prior to July 2008 were equipped with stainless steel inserts and bolts. Spyderlocks crafted after July 2008 to current come standard with hardened steel inserts and nickel plated grade 8 hardware. If you are not aware of the build date on your wheels, just observe the color of your wheel inserts. Silver inserts are stainless steel and black inserts are hardened steel, as pictured above. So please make careful note of your material type before ordering. The thread pitch is different between the two types of inserts, so they are not automatically interchangeable.  The switch from stainless inserts to steel inserts requires a tap and thread of each insert hole in the wheel. 


Hardened Steel Inserts ................ $1.50 each

Hardened Steel Bolts ................... $1.50 each

Installing and removing the threaded inserts from your Spyderlock beadlocks is made much easier with an insert tool. The tool is driven by a standard 3/8" socket which we recommend connecting on the end of a hand operated ratchet for installation.  Threading inserts into  your beadlocks with an air or electric actuated gun will most likely strip the key way of the insert and may snap the drive ears from the insert tool.


Insert Tool......... $18.00 each

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