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 Spyderlock beadlock wheel is designed from real world knowledge and experience of off road competition and the extremes of trail riding. A design not mimicking other wheels or adopting design flaws found in current complacent designs. Spyderlock Wheels are an elegant balance of brutal toughness, intentional engineering and detailed design features. 

Spyder Lock bead lock wheels are cast from A356-T6 aluminum with a inner bead reinforcement incorporated into the design with a 3,200 lb. load rating. Both the wheel and bead lock ring are machine finished. 

Wheels come disassembled and ready to mount your tires. Each wheel includes: aluminum wheel, aluminum ring, threaded ring mounting inserts, hardware, center cap, valve stem and installation instructions.

Designed to fit over large-bore hub configuration, the signature Spyderlock center cap mounts in place using three recessed allen head bolts. Apon request a fitted extension ring to clear longer hubs is available.

Spyder Lock bead lock wheels use a replaceable threaded mounting insert to ensure ease of thread replacement should any threads become damaged. Bead lock Mounting surface is cast directly into the wheel to ensure wheel integrity and an even mounting surface.

The bead lock ring is crafted from billet 3/4" 6061 T-6 aluminum and machine polished. The bottom side has a unique vertical ribbing to prevent rotational tire slipping.                

Grade 8 zinc plated 3/8" socket head hardware is standard on all Spyderlocks. All of the hardware is completely counter-sunk into the mounting ring, protecting the bolt head from rock-rash.

The valve stem is included with the bead lock wheel and is completely protected from trail obstacles by the expansive bead lock ring. The width of the bead lock ring also aids in protecting the hub mechanism from trail damage.

The inner bead retention ridge is an exclusive feature to the Spyderlock bead lock wheel. This bead retention method was originally inspired by the street drifting community to maintain inner beads while sliding sideways on the pavement. A focused edge is machined into the inner bead retention ridge, helping to lock the inner bead in position. This assists in the prevention of air burping and ultimately losing inner bead cohesion during side loads.  

The edge of the outer diameter of the inner wheel is traditionally the weakest point of a bead lock wheel. The front of the wheel has a built in reinforcement with the bead lock ring and it's mounting platform. Typically the inner bead is ignored and prone to bending or cracking during severe off road impacts. This has especially been more of an issue as off road wheel popularity has evolved towards larger wheel diameters. Exposing the wheel to more direct impacts when used in conjunction with shorter side wall tires. This element of bead lock design has not been ignored by Spyderlock Wheel. Our inner wheel lip is heavily fortified, thicker and wider. This burly inner lip can take some serious punishment.  

The Spyderlock bead lock wheel's outer clamping ring is not designed simply as aesthetic form. The machined star shape acts as an inner brace preventing flex and deflection of the clamping ring. This added rigidity combats loosening and failures of the securing bolts. With an additional attribute of shielding and protecting the hub against trail damage.  

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